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Factors that can influence shipping rates.

The cost of shipping containers can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

The size and type of the container - Larger containers typically cost more

than smaller ones.

The origin and destination of the shipment - Shipping rates can be

higher for longer distances, remote locations, or areas with high demand.

The time of year - Rates can fluctuate depending on peak shipping

seasons and holidays.

The mode of transportation – Sea shipping is generally less expensive vs

air shipping.

Supply and demand - Rates can be affected by global economic

conditions, political stability, and other factors that impact the availability

of shipping services.

For more information, it's best to contact your logistic partner directly.

Ricardo Videgaray - VP Global Business Development


Shipping rates since COVID-19 for containers have been volatile; it´s important to know they´ve been higher post-pandemic due to a combination of factors, including:

Limited container availability - The pandemic disrupted global supply

chains which led to a shortage of containers in many parts of the world,

which drove up rates.

Increased demand for shipping services - More people began shopping

online and businesses looked for alternative ways to source and transport

goods; this increased demand and put upward pressure on rates.

Congestion at ports - Many ports around the world experienced

congestion as a result of reduced staffing, increased health and safety

protocols which further contributed to higher rates.

Edgardo Garza - CEO Portos International


Mexico and USA are currently facing a shortage of truck drivers,which could impact the availability of transportation services and potentially drive-up shipping rates. The market is still dealing with supply chain disruptions, particularly in the automotive and electronics sectors, which could impact shipping demand and rates.

On the other side, the outcome of the upcoming Mexican presidential election in 2024 could also impact shipping market conditions, as changes in government policies or regulations in trade term agreements and transportation infrastructure investments. Overall, the shipping market conditions in Mexico are likely to be influenced by a variety of factors in both the short and medium terms.

Andrés Garcia – VP Global Sales

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