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Land Freight USA


Prices can vary significantly from one region of the USA to another due to differences in state taxes, transportation infrastructure, and supply chain dynamics. Trucking companies operating across multiple states need to account for these variations in their cost calculations


Is a general increase in the price level of goods and services over time, and it can be influenced by factors such as changes in consumer demand, production costs, and monetary policy. Trucking companies must stay informed about economic trends and adjust their strategies accordingly to remain competitive and financially viable.

Drivers demand

The demand for drivers in the USA continues to be a critical aspect of the economy. The demand for drivers it´s a big challenge and trucking companies may need to offer competitive wages and benefits to attract and retain talent, which can contribute to rising operational expenses. As a reference, the industry has been battling with driver shortage long before the pandemic, and unfortunately Covid exagerated the issue.

Players in industry According to the U.S.

Department of Transportation, as of April 2023, there were over 750,000 active US motor carriers that own or lease at least one tractor. There are approximately 350,000 owner-operators registered in the United States, most lease on to larger carriers and operate under that carriers DOT number. UPS, FedEx, J.B. Hunt, TFI International, and XPO retained their positions within the top five, there were notable changes in the bottom half of the list. Several companies, such as ITS Logistics, RoadOne IntermodaLogistics, and National Carriers, joined the top 100 list, whereas some dropped out of the list.

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